Airport in Slovak paradise Hrabusice - Podlesok

Did you know that the Slovak Paradise has its own airport? In the immediate vicinity of the accommodation complex Malý Majer Podlesok we have built a special airport for ultralight sport aircrafts.


ICAO code

All year round

in operation


+421 915 035 654


The Hrabušice Podlesok Special Airport was established in 2023. The airport was set up in response to the increase in interest in air tourism and recreational flights for the pleasure of flying. By launching it, we ensured better use of the Podlesok tourist centre for sport and recreational flying, but also as an interesting transport option for visitors to the Slovak Paradise. The special airport with a runway length of 370 m is designed for the operation of sport aircraft and tourist flights within the Schengen area.

Today the airport is used by pilots and crews from various countries, especially from the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. It offers spectacular views of the Slovak Paradise, especially during morning flights at sunrise or sunset over the High Tatras and Kralova Hora. Operation is possible during daylight hours according to VFR flight rules

Permission to use the airport

Permission to use the Hrabušice-Podlesok Special Airport is granted only with the consent of the apirport operator, who decides whether to approve or refuse an application to use the airport. The first application for use of the airport must be submitted in writing (by e-mail) at least 24 hours before the scheduled arrival of the aircraft and must contain the following information:

  • a request for permission to use the airport with details of the flight (purpose, date, time, type of aircraft, services required and any other information necessary to ensure the safety of the flight),
  • confirmation that all persons present (pilots, technicians and other staff) are familiar with the current operating manual of the airport.

The authorisation may be granted either on a one-off basis with precise dates and times of arrivals and departures, or on a long-term basis in the case of regular or long-term use of the airport. Pilots who are familiar with the airport and its procedures may also be given permission by telephone or e-mail before their flight. However, the applicant must always obtain information on the status of the airport and the current operating procedures from the Head of Air Traffic Operations or delegated person. Declaration by the pilots that they are familiar with the airport Operations Manual shall be a condition of approval. This manual is available on request in electronic form by e-mail via



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