Basic information

Podlesok area is one of the most visited tourist centres of the Slovak Paradise National Park. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the popular Suchá Bela gorge, and is the starting point to other gorges in the northern part of the Slovak Paradise – Veľký Sokol, Piecky, Prielom Hornádu, Klášorná gorge, Ferrata HZS Kysel, gorges Veľký and Malý Kyseľ and Sokolia dolina.

Holidays in Podlesok

Podlesok offers rich possibilities for recreation. Visitors can choose from various types of accommodation with year-round operation, whether they prefer hotels, guesthouses, cottages or campsites. Slovak Paradise offers opportunities for cycling and hiking, which makes it an attractive destination not only for day trips, but also for longer stays. In the vicinity you will also find a wide range of sports facilities such as volleyball and tennis courts, swimming pools or aquaparks. Near the Podlesok area lie four district towns of the Spiš region – Poprad, Kežmarok, Levoča and Spišská Nová Ves. Each of them is within 25 minutes by car and together they offer a lot of choices for enriching your holiday in the Slovak Paradise. Visit cultural events, go shopping, or just wander through the historic centres of the former royal towns and discover the local cafés!

Podlesok is a short, lively and engaging place that attracts visitors with its great location, natural beauty, plenty of activities, atmosphere of well-being and relaxation in the heart of nature.


For history lovers, there is a nature trail leading to Zelená hora (Green Mountain), where Marcel’s Castle and Zelená hora (Green Mountain), which has been inhabited since the Stone Age, are located. After the Tatar invasion in 1241, a stone castle was built here, but it was never completed. In 1469 the castle was fortified by the Brethren under the leadership of Peter Aksamit. From there they raided the whole Spiš region. Under the castle there is a “Bee Paradise”, which provides visitors to Podlesko with interesting information about the life of bees. The passage is especially suitable for families with children.

Cycling routes lead through the tourist centre in the direction of Kláštorisko, Dobšinská ice cave and Kopanec. The popular cycling route – the Glacká cesta – starts in Podlessko and leads along the historic road through Kláštorisko to the Glatz plain and to Stratená. In the past, metal ingots mined in the Coburg mines were transported by horse-drawn carriages along the route for processing in the pits below Zelená hora near Hrabušice.