Admission and fees

Accommodation tax

Podlesok is a part of the municipality of Hrabušice. Guests staying in Podlesok pay accommodation tax, which is set as follows for the current year:

Age of the guest Accommodation tax
from 15 to 65 years of age 2,00€ / night
from 6 to 15 years 1,00€ / night
over 65 years 2,00€ / night
up to 6 years free

Good news for those staying in Podolesko – visitors who have paid the accommodation tax in Hrabušice no longer pay the entrance fee to the gorges.

Entrance to the ravines of the Slovak Paradise

If you are going hiking in the Slovak Paradise, don’t forget to take cash. Tourists can enter the gorges and ravines all year round. The surrounding municipalities and the Mountain Rescue Service use the money collected from the entrance fee to maintain technical equipment such as ladders, ropes and stepladders, without which the gorges and ravines would be impassable.

Entrance fee – Suchá Bela

Suchá Bela is one of the most beautiful and famous gorges in the Slovak Paradise. Its narrow and dramatic form offers an unforgettable experience in nature for hiking and adventure lovers. A walk through this gorge is full of picturesque scenery, rock formations and waterfalls, making it a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. Entrance fees are as follows.

Visitor’s age Entrance Fee
15 to 65 years old 4,00€
from 6 to 15 years 3,00€
over 65 years 3,00€
up to 6 years free
entrance fee to other gorges – valid on the same day as 1,00€

Entrance fee – other gorges

The following price list applies for the entrance to all other gorges – Malý Kysel, Veľký Kysel, Veľký Sokol, Sokolia dolina, Piecky, Kláštorská gorge, Zejmarská gorge

Visitor’s age Admission
from 15 to 65 years 3,00€
from 6 to 15 years 2,00€
over 65 years 2,00€
up to 6 years free

Entrance fee – Via Ferrata Kysel

For detailed information on entry conditions and ticket purchase , please visit this page.

Payment method Admission
At the point of sale 5,00€
At the point of sale with regional discount* 2,50€
SMS ticket 6,00€
SMS ticket with regional discount* 3,00€
At the entrance to the gorge 10,00€

*Regional discount valid for:

  1. holders of the Slovak Paradise & Spiš tourist card issued only to accommodated guests by accommodation facilities in the destination Slovak Paradise & Spiš
  2. inhabitants of the region with permanent residence in the towns of Spišská Nová Ves and Dobšiná and the villages of Smižany, Spišské Tomášovce, Letanovce, Hrabušice, Betlanovce, Spišský Štiavnik, Hranovnica, Spišské Bystré, Vydrník, Arnutovce, Mlynky, Dedinky, Stratená, Vernár, Telgárt, Hnilec, Hnilčík.

The fee for entering the gorges is not paid

  • visitors who havepaid the accommodation tax in the municipality of Hrabušice
  • inhabitants residing in the municipalities associated in the Slovak Paradise – North Microregion: Arnutovce, Betlanovce, Vydrník, Mlynky, Dedinky, Hrabušice, Spišské Tomášovce, Smižany, Spišská Nová Ves, Letanovce, Vernár, Stratená,
  • members of the Mountain Rescue Service,
  • employees of the Slovak Paradise National Park Administration.


Insurance for the mountain rescue service at the price of 0,20€ / person / day can be purchased when paying the entrance fee to the national park at all entry points:

  • Cingov – parking lot,
  • Chingov – Partisan footbridge,
  • Under the Tomášov view,
  • Podlesok – car park,
  • Podlesok – Hornád Pass,
  • Podlesok – Suchá Bela,
  • Hrabušice Sawmill – car park (Piecky),
  • Veľký Sokol,
  • Veľký and Malý Kyseľ,
  • Zejmarská gorge